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2023 omlox标准中国研讨会
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2023 omlox标准中国研讨会

omlox China Seminar 2023 Invitation


In our daily lives, location-based services have seamlessly integrated into our routines. For instance, everyone relies on navigation systems for driving, or shares their location with friends and family to facilitate quicker meet-ups. These functionalities hinge on wireless communication and positioning technology, which acquires and processes the specific locations of objects, thereby providing greater convenience to our lives. As the significance of “where” continues to grow apparent, people are also shifting their focus towards applications in industrial settings, striving to elevate automation to an unprecedented level through the comprehensive utilization of positioning systems.


In the era of information IoT (Internet of Things), data become the primary source of productivity. Only through digital transformation and the transparency of data in the production process could we break through the optimization bottleneck of traditional production capacities. Inefficient layouts often lead to low efficiency in internal logistics or production. For example, employees might waste a significant amount of time and effort from issues of workflow in their daily tasks, or the less-than-optimal routes chosen for forklifts and the placement of materials. If the real-time status of these situations could be accurately reflected through data and thus enabling the analysis and identification of inefficiencies, managers could scientifically implement corresponding improvements from a holistic perspective. While achieving this automation, they could then proceed with further upgrades to these dynamic processes. The benefits generated will bring forth sustained competitive advantages to the long-term development of the enterprise.


  • 缺乏适用于工业应用的接口;
  • 缺乏可以交互操作的硬件;
  • 基础设施和定位标签成本高昂;
  • 安装集成费用昂贵;
  • 现有使用数据结构缺乏标准。

While it may appear simple  in theory, implementing a real-time positioning system that accurately displays the location data of various entities, such as people, vehicles, and objects, proves to be a challenging task. Currently, there are thousands of location-based applications, each employing custom solutions based on different positioning technologies, which result in data silos within the enterprise’s information technology processes. Factors impeding the real-time data collection of the positioning system include:

  • Insufficient interfaces suitable for industrial applications;
  • Absence of interactive-operable hardware;
  • High costs associated with infrastructure and positioning tags;
  • Expensive installation and integration costs;
  • Existing data structures that lack standardization.

革新性工业级开放式定位标准 omlox 使上述环节得到了大大缓解。有了它,既能通过中间件轻松兼容所有定位技术系统的位置数据,又能在超宽带范围内实现硬件交互操作。

The innovative industrial-grade open positioning standard, omlox, significantly alleviates these challenges. With omlox, it becomes possible to seamlessly integrate location data from all positioning technology systems through middleware, while also enabling hardware interaction within the ultra-wideband range.

从用户角度分析,omlox 开放式的接口不仅可以降低供应商锁定风险,同时也允许在一套定位中间件里协同使用多种定位技术,使企业能够更加灵活地应对不同应用场景。通过整合并兼容定位行业内现有的各种软硬件解决方案,这也使得 omlox 标准下的定位系统具备了无限的升级优化可能。

From a user perspective, the open interfaces of omlox not only reduce the risk of supplier lock-in, but also enable the synergistic use of multiple positioning technologies within a single positioning middleware. This allows enterprises to more flexibly adapt to diverse application scenarios. By integrating and accommodating various existing software and hardware solutions within the positioning industry, the positioning system under the omlox standard also possesses unlimited potential for upgrade and optimization.

可预见的是,如果市场上所有供应商都按照 omlox 标准制造产品,那么不同供应商的软件与硬件解决方案都能互相整合使用。对于用户来说,便不会发生找不到合适的定位系统的情况,因为用户总是能够根据自身的需求灵活的组合出一套最合适的定位系统。此外,如果用户发现安装的定位系统已经无法满足当前的需求,即便更换系统中的部件使其满足新需求也不会额外耗费过多成本,因为行业标准化使得所有产品都是互相兼容的,供应商转换成本也就因此而大大降低了。

A foreseeable outcome is if all suppliers in the market manufacture products according to the omlox standard, software and hardware solutions from different suppliers could become seamlessly integrated with one another. For the users’ perspectives, they  would not encounter  the inability to to find a suitable positioning system, as they can always flexibly combine a set of the most suitable positioning systems based on their own needs. Furthermore, if users find that the installed positioning system can no longer meet their current requirements, the additional costs of replacing system components to meet these new demands would also not be excessive. This is because industry standardization ensures that all products are mutually compatible, thereby significantly reducing the cost of switching suppliers.


In summary, an open positioning technology standard can empower the digital transformation of users in the industry towards intelligent production. With more effectively combined positioning solutions, enterprises could engage in lean production more flexibly, thus enhancing their competitiveness when responding to market changes.

为使国内外用户与行业同仁能够更加深入的了解 omlox,omlox 中国团队定于2023年12月8日在深圳市观澜格兰云天国际酒店举行首次线下研讨会,我们诚挚邀请贵司莅临。本次研讨会除了会有来自不同定位技术领域的 omlox 会员单位发表演讲之外,我们也会邀您一同前往华创恒达位于龙华区的工厂,实地参观体验基于 omlox 标准的融合解决方案为其带来的数智化升级效果。

In order to provide a deeper understanding of omlox to domestic and international users, as well as industry colleagues, the omlox China team is scheduled to host its first offline seminar on December 8th, 2023 at the Grand Skylight International Hotel Guanlan in Shenzhen. We sincerely and are pleased to cordially invite you to attend this seminar. In addition to speeches by omlox member units from different positioning technology fields, this seminar would also include a visit to the factory of MOKO Technology Ltd. located in Longhua District, where you could experience firsthand the digitalization upgrade effect brought about by the integrated solution based on the omlox standard.

华创恒达作为国内领先的IoT设备供应商,工厂在生产高质量产品的同时,也始终需要将制造和内物流保持在先进的水平上。这次 omlox 利用标准化接口,在不同场景下将UWB,BLE AoA,RFID以及室外GPS融合出综合解决方案,即最大程度的优化了工厂的生产和物流流程,也实现了很高的投入回报比。究竟融合方案的效果如何,我们又在哪些不同的场景因何选取了不一样的定位技术,欢迎您的到来一起见证 omlox 标准的魅力。

As a leading IoT device supplier in China, MOKO Technology Ltd. not only produces high-quality products but also maintains advance-level manufacturing and internal logistics. In this case, omlox used standardized interfaces to integrate UWB, BLE AoA, RFID, and outdoor GPS in different scenarios, optimizing the production and logistics processes of the factory to its greatest extent and achieving a high return on investment. To witness the effectiveness of the integrated solution and the reasons behind specifically selecting various positioning technologies for different scenarios, we welcome you to experience the charm of the omlox standard together.


Seminar Agenda:



Please register for our seminar by filling out the form below. Confirmation of your attendance will be sent to you via email immediately after registration. Please present the confirmation letter to enter the venue.


We look forward to meeting you on December 8th!


地址:深圳市龙华区观澜大道环观南路观澜格兰云天酒店 会议厅

Seminar address: Shenzhen Grand Skylight International Hotel Guanlan